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Welcome to Glen Huon Primary School

"Our mission is to provide a supportive, challenging environment where children develop a sense of self-worth and accept responsibility for their own actions and learning through life."

Situated in the picturesque Huon Valley, the Glen Huon Primary School has been educating children (and adults!) since opening in 1880. In 2016, the school has around 140 students, 12 teaching staff, 2 teacher aides, office staff and a groundskeeper.

Situated on nearly 2 hectares of crown land, this picturesque rural setting has provided a marvellous backdrop for many wonderful learning experiences. The grounds are naturally and manually landscaped with native flora. Students, staff and visitors are fortunate to have exposure to much of this area.

Our Values: Aspiration, Growth, Courage and Respect.
Our Keys to success: Resilience, Perseverance, Getting Along, Being Organised, Performance & Attitude

We are a Nationally Accredited KidsMatter school. The core of our business is the health and well being of our students, families and staff. This is reflected in our strategic plan.

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