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February 19 Newsletter

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February 12 Newsletter

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Pick Up This Afternoon

Picking Students Up This Afternoon. Children will assemble in the the courtyard next to the school gymnasium where our grade 1-2 is housed. This is safe and away from cars.

Parking at Huonville Primary 05-02-2019


The parking arrangements for drop off and pick up of children at Huonville High School and Huonville Primary School have changed due to the relocation of other DoE School sites.

All visitor parking will be now be on the Huonville Primary School oval with Entry via Wilmont Road and Exit via Walton Street. 

To assist with drop off and collection of your children a designated ‘Drop & Collect’ lane has been established with designated parking areas.

Please be mindful there may be some delays. staff will be positioned to assist with guiding and pedestrian movements onto the Huonville Schools sites. 

A map showing this access can be found on our website:

School Closure 2019-02-02

Our school will remain closed to ensure the safety of our students, staff and the public.

As a result of this closure, interim arrangements are in place. Details of these arrangements can be found on the factsheet

This page will be updated as any changes occur.

What this means for Glen Huon.

Please follow the information link in the information above. The following is some more contextual information related to our school. Your children will be in the same classes as highlighted last year with the same teachers just relocated to Huonville Primary. LSS will work very hard this coming week to establish effective learning environments for us. The teachers also will be working hard to make sure your start to the school year is as positive as it can be. We aim to start teaching on Thursday the 7th of February. Kindergarten students will start the following Tuesday the 12th of February.

Glenys McKay

School Start Update 2019-02-01

Dear community, discussions are continuing into tomorrow in regards to the start of school for Glen Huon Primary students. I will let you know as soon as I have some definite answers most likely tomorrow afternoon. Thank you all for your patience in these times.



Fire Update 31/01/2019

Glen Huon Primary will remain closed tomorrow Friday the 1st of February. Our temporary office is located at Huonville Primary. Lyn even has uniform in this office if you wish to contact her in regards to uniform.
I am attending a meeting tomorrow morning to begin making plans for the following weeks.

Fire Update

Fire Update. Glen Huon Primary will remain closed on Thursday 31st of January. We have set up a temporary office at Huonville Primary. This will operate during office hours 8.30- 3.30. Thanks to the Huonville staff for enabling this. From tomorrow morning you can ring Huonville Primary 62641064 and ask for Lyn Bender if you have any queries about school.

School Closure Fire Warnings

School Closure 24-1-2019

Important Information

Glen Huon Primary will be closed tomorrow 24-1-2019 due to the current fire weather warnings.  The school office will reopen on Tuesday 29th of January

Glenys McKay

December 18 Newsletter

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