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Parents and Carers

Getting involved

As with many small, non-urban communities, our local school provides a focal point for community involvement. There are many good reasons to get involved. As a parent or carer, you can become before familiar with the school environment and be more able to share in your child's experience. This has benefits ranging from demonstrated improvements in educational outcomes for children, right through to simply being able to understand what your child is describing when they talk about "the cupboard in the corner next to the sink". You will also discover that the school environment has become a lot less formal and more friendly than when you were at school!

As a community member, you can meet other people in your area and have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the day-to-day experience of children attending the school.
We encourage involvement from parents and community members in many forms:

  • Help in the classroom
  • Working bees
  • Parent Association and School Association - opportunities to help the school financially and be involved in decision
  • making
  • Canteen
  • Help on excursions
  • Reinforcing current classroom learning at home

Volunteers are required to complete police background checks.


Buses to the school cover all local areas-Lonnavale, Judbury, Huonville & Ranelagh.

School Uniform

The wearing of our school uniform is strongly encouraged and creates a sense of belonging. Our policy is well supported by members of our community.
Uniform sales are conducted from the school office.